Thursday, June 07, 2012

What's it like to be THAT smart?

This is a great "laundry list" of what subjective experience of various IQ levels might be like:  The sourcing is from a talk by Garth Zietsman, a South African blogging amazing statistical results related to his "SmartVote" concept of pooling the intelligence of many people.  I don't know anything about the sourcing of this stuff: if you find it interesting enough you'll have to chase that down yourself!

The other thing I ponder as I read this: One in a million intelligence this guy puts at an IQ of 186.  The kinds of people he cites as being up there are pretty impressive.  He states that many people up in this neighborhood are very maladjusted and do not participate much in human culture.  BUT STILL: one in a million, 7 billion people on the planet, that's 7 million of these people out there.  Enough to populate a very large city.  Enough to provide a 70 person research tiger team to 100,000 organizations.

Where are these people?

Could there be an opportunity for one of us third-tier geniuses to systematically find these people and attempt to do something with them?