Saturday, January 16, 2010

Too Many Books!

SO for the last few months I have been "managing" my reading by requesting fairly popular books from the San Diego County library. As they would come in I would go get them and take them out. Some of them I would even read!

But now I'm realizing, there are too many books! I went to start reserving some books and realized I just have too many out I haven't read!

So let me now try keeping track of them in a blog entry!

Glass Books of the Dream Eaters: some odd Victorian Sci Fi, recommended by Neal Stephenson in his talk at Google.

Bad Monkey: Mat Ruff, Neal Stephenson recommends all of Mat Ruff in his Google talk.

Etgar Keret: short story writer recommended by Stephenson because he could do something Stephenson couldn't do: write short stories.

O Jersualem, history of formation of Israel, recommended by Ashutosh.

Freedom at Midnight, history of formation of India, recommended by Ashutosh